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look into the future.

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What we do

We are an innovation and design studio helping people making better business, product and services. We also like to make our own things and invest in other start-ups.


Open eyes and open minds, we look at new technology fields and industries to see and invest in what’s coming before it does.


Software or Hardware, often both. We like shipping things.


It’s about people, teams, their products and services. We help businesses grow fast and well.

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They trust us

Between Apple and H2G Lab it’s a long story. Sales engineer, head of Consultants Channel in Europe, software engineer, Apple Trainer, the team members have been working, training, coaching, coding with passion at Apple for more than 10 years and are still subject matter experts today.

H2G Lab has 2 formers Airwatch by Vmware employees within its team. With a solid experience in Sales engineering and Sales Management H2G Lab has a solid expertise in Enterprise Mobility and is keeping close ties with the editor leader on the EMM market.

Cloudimage has comissioned H2G Lab to elaborate a growth acceleration plan. With its new commercial strategy and enhanced sales operations, Cloudimage's Enterprise revenu has already doubled and its global turnover has jumped by 120% during the first half of 2016.

In 2016 the french college ESTIAM and H2G Lab have entered a multi year partnership to create new curriculum for their students and elaborate a new business strategy to accelerate their development. This partnership is already showing results by contributing to 2016’s very fast growth: +300% of students registration expected in 2016 vs 2015.

H2G Lab has been working with the Skype team to support the development of their famous chat application. It has been years of work focused on the integration of video chat technologies with specific online services or video conference hardware now used by millions every day.

Network, server & security infrastructure, Web development, telecom, e-commerce integration, ERP integration… Bouygues Telecom with its 14.7 million customers has used the services of the H2G Lab team for 7 years to support its many internal needs.

Orange Business Services has chosen the H2G Lab team to train dozens of employees from its support team.
The focus of these trainings was Apple technologies, Enterprise Mobility and iOS/Android devices deployment.

Lyon’s airport has chosen the H2G Lab team for its first Enterprise Mobility project.
Since 2012 the 8.5 million passengers transiting every year via the Terminal 1 and 2 of the airport can benefit from an information area with self services iPads prepared and deployed par the H2G Lab team.

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The team

We are a team of young veterans who spent years shaping the best customer experience, designing and coding the coolest app and helping hundreds of companies run their digital transformation.




As the "creative-with-a-mission" element of the outfit, Yann is in charge of the Experience in everything that gets near H2G Lab. Design to rule them all.




Business is Business! Charles is the smooth operator. He makes sure that the operation is sleek, the cogs are properly oiled and cash is flowing in.




Damien is the real brain behind all this H2G Lab thing. As the Engineering guy he is the one that have a say on what is doable and what it takes to get there.


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Our Playground

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Where we are

HQ Address:
39 Islington Green
N1 8DU
United Kingdom

French Office:
31 rue Mazenod